Smart classroom system demo
Multi screen interactionTeacher screen

>>Teachers flat screen can be synchronized to
   screen to the big screen; >>At the same time, teachers can broadcast
   the flat screen to the students' flat; >>Teachers can use the flat to complete the
   teaching process, without constraint on the
Screen on the platform
Teacher Tablet PC
Multi screen interactionRemote control large screen

>>Teachers can directly remote control large screen
   plate, explain courseware;
>>Remote control can also broadcast large screen to
  all students flat.
Teacher end—Fly screen
Upload photos
Video demo

More formats, more convenient
Micro lesson recording
Exquisite courseware production is so simple

Remote Sketchpad

Free description, make everything vivid

Teaching question and answer

With the test, can quickly answer the questions of students

Highlight the curriculum focus,Students are more focused

NameModelFunctiontechnical parameter

Tablet interactive teaching software

Teacher end+

PC end+

Student end

With the screen、Recording、Drawing board、Spotlight、

Brush remarks、Photograph、Live broadcast、

Interactive screen、Teaching question and answer、

Student demonstration、File distribution

1、The requirement of software application environment must be in LAN environment,Completely out of the Internet,It can be implemented by general router and WiFi hotspot.

2、★Software can support multiple languages,Convenient for foreign teachers to use,The supporting language is at least: Chinese, English, traditional Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Uygur and so on

3、It can remotely control electronic whiteboard, all-in-one computer and so on through mobile devices,Achieve mouse movement, click, double-click, left and right keys and other functions;You can also open the file and edit the file directly from the far end.

4、★Without a connection, without the network, the teacher can directly record micro lessons on their own flat,Do "anytime, anywhere" recording micro class;Micro class content should include courseware content, the original handwriting on the blackboard, teachers explain the video, teachers explain the voice。Courseware should support digital media files such as video, picture, PDF and so on.Micro class format needs to be standard streaming media formats, such as MP4, flv, etc., to facilitate network transmission, watch. Micro class recording completed, you can click to see, in order to confirm the effect of micro lesson recording.

5、Teachers can record the content of classroom teaching into standard video files, including blackboard writing, large screen images, classroom live, teachers' voice, etc., which is convenient for students to review after class and students who can not attend lectures immediately.

6、★Teachers can directly annotate large screen content on mobile devices, and support video dynamic annotation.

7、★The teacher can directly file the PPT file on the mobile device on the large screen, without copying files to the big screen computer, and play full screen, and also can close the full screen playback and close the PPT file on the mobile device side.

  The teacher can control PPT up and down by gesture, and can also control PPT up and down page by button;

  Mobile device end need to have the current PPT all pages thumbnail display, large screen does not show, teachers can choose the thumbnail page quickly turn big screen PPT to the specified page.

     PPT page can cooperate with the brush function, do any time to explain;
  When playing PPT, it is not necessary to quit PPT, that is, to play audio and video files, which is convenient for teachers to teach.
     PPT page can be intercepted by screenshots, focus to explain in the drawing board, and can be saved as classroom notes.
      If the text of the PPT page is small, it can cooperate with magnifying glass function, so that multi-level amplification, convenient for the back row students to watch.

8、With the function of mobile booth, teachers can conveniently take pictures of textbooks, papers and other objects through the mobile device, upload to the big screen to explain, and need to support in the mobile terminal by gesture control, zoom, rotate, move, cut, mark, erase and other operations.

9、We can share the live broadcast process and the experiment scene with the mobile device camera at any time. During the sharing process, we can choose whether to record or not.

10、Can easily play all the teaching files on mobile devices, including PPT, word, PDF, pictures, audio, video, and through the mobile terminal control playback, including full screen, fast forward, rewind, stop etc..

11、Support electronic whiteboard function, with pencil, fluorescent pen, laser pen, magic pen, brush, pattern brush and other writing pen mode.
  You need to provide triangle, square, round, oval, polygon, parallel lines, arrow lines, dotted lines and other graphics drawing tools.
  Need to insert pictures, PPT, word and other documents to explain, and can be directly saved as pictures, PDF and other documents.
  Support gesture roaming, gesture erase, gesture scaling and other functions.
12、The interface of the mobile device can be wirelessly displayed on the large screen, and all the operations of the mobile device can be displayed on the large screen.
13、The files on the mobile device can be uploaded wirelessly to the designated folder of the computer terminal, and the computer side files can also be downloaded to the designated folder of the mobile device end.
14、Need to support the size of the mouse pointer, shape can be selected settings, and can customize the mouse shape, to solve the problem that the back row students often do not see the mouse pointer.

15、With the basic auxiliary tools, including fluorescent pen, spotlight, magnifying glass, etc., highlighter pen color, the size of the spotlight and magnifier multiples easily adjustable through the mobile device side.

16、Mobile device side software can scan two-dimensional code automatically download, and automatically prompted new version upgrade or automatic check to upgrade to the latest version.
17、Mobile device side needs to support  Android.

18、Software copyright certificate should be provided to prove the legal intellectual property right of software;    Need to provide manufacturer authorization and after-sales service commitment.

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